Etsuko Taniguchi

Etsuko Taniguchi

1981 Born in Saitama

2006 B.F.A. in Oil Paintings, Tokyo University of the Arts

2008 M.F.A. in Paintings, Tokyo University of the Arts






2011 Exhibition of Etsuko Taniguchi hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo (Tokyo)

2010 Exhibition of Etsuko Taniguchi TANIKADO ARTS (Tokyo)

2008 Group Exhibition "ARTZONE EYE 02」art project room ARTZONE" (Kyoto)

2007 Exhibition of Three Artists "Student Exhibition of TOkyo University of the Arts" Tokyo Stock Exchange (Tokyo)

2005 Exhibition of Two Artists "Ai-Ai-Gasa" MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS (Tokyo)



Public Collections


2006 Graduation Project, Minakami Town Hall (Gunma)




”Light” is a critical element of paintings, meaning that one is able to discuss a painting for long periods of time, to the point, of say, becoming faint.  Taniguchi’s paintings have that “Light.”  In Taniguchi’s works, the underlying colors seep their way to the surface thru layers and layers of acrylic paint, a trait that is unseen in most paintings, and wonderfully expressed in Taniguchi’s「Hikari no Shimi/英語:Penetrating Light」.  These paintings, completed by applying the 「研ぎ出し」technique, which is generally used in lacquer work, can admired for their craftsmanship.



In Taniguchi’s work, contrasting feelings of tension emerge as rays of light through layers upon layers of paint.  The subject that was once buried in the darkness begins to assert its existence from attaining this “Light.”




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