2017.09.15 ( fri ) -2017.09.27 ( wed )

    ARTIST WOW x Gabriel Pulecio

    "BEYOND CASSINI" is an experimental art installation celebrating the life and death of one of Nasa's most successful satellite programs.

    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of "BEYOND CASSINI", an original new art work by WOW, a visual design studio based in Tokyo and London in collaboration with Director, Tyler Bowers and Artist, Director Gabriel Pulecio. The opening reception with the artists will be held on Friday, September 15th, 2017.

    It’s been said, just before a person dies their life’s biggest moments flash before their eyes. “Beyond Cassini” uses this narrative to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the most successful and beloved Satellites in space exploration history. As Cassini begins its final flight into Saturn’s upper atmosphere with a mission of disintegration, visuals flash back through time giving viewers highlights of this dying satellite’s life. Fleeting moments and flashbacks allow viewers to celebrate 20 years of Cassini’s achievements in a very personal, non-linear, stylized exhibition.

    Love & Obsession

    2017.08.18 ( fri ) -2017.09.08 ( fri )

    ARTIST 軍司 匡寛、ファンタジスタ歌麿呂

    左: ©Tadahiro Gunji  Collectivity 016 2017  Acrylic, Resin Coatings On Wood Panel  63"x53"

    右: ©Fantasista Utamaro  Colorblind : Blue/Pink  2017  Acrylic, Epoxy Resin, On Plywood  30”x30”


    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce ‘Love & Obsession’, features the works of Japanese artists Tadahiro Gunji and Fantasista Utamaro. From the aesthetics of ancient paintings to high-context Anime culture, they easily cross over the boundaries.


    2017.06.21 ( wed ) -2017.07.29 ( sat )

    ARTIST 百武てつ吾、上野友幸、照屋勇賢

    会期を1週間延長し、2017年8月5日 (土) まで開催いたします。


    ©Yuken Teruya  Minding My Own Business(Jan25,2014), 2015, New York Times, 12.5”x 12”x 2-1/8”(左上)

    ©Tomoyuki Ueno  Don’t You Wanna Dance?, 2017, Brass, Iron and  Wood, 41”x 81”x 31-1/2”(右上)

    ©Tetsugo Hyakutake  Industrial Port, Kashima, Japan 2009, Archival Pigment Print, 16”x 56”/each(下)

    Milk on the Edge

    2017.05.05 ( fri ) -2017.06.10 ( sat )

    ARTIST exonemo

    Supported by MAM/Tokyo (Masu Hiroshi Masuyama).

    The quiet breathing of a nameless forest

    2017.04.27 ( thu ) -2017.05.03 ( wed )

    ARTIST Yuko Bito


    2017.03.30 ( thu ) -2017.04.15 ( sat )

    ARTIST 更井真理

    Japanese Samurai Fashion

    2017.02.28 ( tue ) -2017.03.25 ( sat )

    ARTIST Everett Kennedy Brown