2018.03.14 ( wed ) -2018.04.21 ( sat )

    ARTIST Kiichiro Adachi, exonemo and Gabriel Pulecio

    Top: Gabriel Pulecio, Saturn Submerged, 2017, Acrylic Mirror, LEDs, Computer 10” x 10” x 15”, Middle: Kiichiro Adachi, 7 faces, 2017, mirror, motor, aluminum, pulley, belt, mixed media 45” x 52” x 7”, Bottom: exonemo, I randomly love you/hate you, 2018, Mixed media
    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of Gradation, a group exhibition by Kiichiro Adachi, exonemo and Gabriel Pulecio. The opening reception with the artists will be held on March. 14th, Wednesday, 6pm-9pm in conjunction with Tribeca Art Night #7. This exhibition introduces three artists who investigate new expressive forms, using light, moving images and
    reflections as a material.
    Artist unit exonemo, founded in 1996 by Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa, freely explores digital and analog, virtual and real through numerous experimental projects that investigate the impact of digital media on modern society through a lens of humor.
    Kiichiro Adachi creates sculptures that are often experiential. At first glance, the works appear to serve a practical function, but they are often made to evoke or better understand nature and the cosmos. Within the urban space he resides, his works serve as a device to observe the framework of the world we inhabit.
    Gabriel Pulecio creates works that aim to fuse art, technology, and motion design. His interactive sculptures employ light, sound, image, and kinetic sensors to blur the boundary of the digital and physical.
    Through the works of these three New York-based artists, this exhibition seeks a profound investigation that transcends the relationships of existence and image, real and virtual.

    Wish You Were There

    2018.02.16 ( fri ) -2018.03.03 ( sat )

    ARTIST Keisuke Tsujimoto

    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of "Wish You Were There", the latest works by New York based photographer Keisuke Tsujimoto.
    The opening reception with the artist will be held on Friday, February 16th, 2018, 6-8pm at hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK in Tribeca.
    The photograph presents to us a virtual image with the limitless potential to evoke a sense of reality. My work questions what we see in the space between the real and the illusory, expressing comedic elements such as repetition, absurdity, and indecency through visual manifestations. My subjects take many forms ranging from the street to the still life, with the occasional integration of digital collage.
    This exhibition introduces my new series Wish You Were There. It all began when I happened to meet a runner on the road, and from a single snapshot she began to appear in my dreams. I have searched for her throughout the landscape of my daily life, creating a digital synthesis of various snapshots for this series.
    Keisuke Tsujimoto (b.1984, Kobe, Japan)
    After working for Iino media pro studio, Tsujimoto studied under a Japanese photographer TAKAKI_KUMADA.
    Live and work in New York.


    Yasuo Nomura / Tomoyuki Ueno

    2018.01.12 ( fri ) -2018.02.03 ( sat )

    ARTIST Yasuo Nomura / Tomoyuki Ueno

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