Kouzo Takeuchi

Kouzo Takeuchi

1977 Born in Hyogo, Japan.

2001 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts.majoring in ceramics.Osaka

2003 Graduated from Tajimi Municipal Ceramic Design Institute,Gifu

Selected exhibitions

2015 reformation, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO,Tokyo

2015 Five Sculptors, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO,Tokyo

2013 Wadachi, Gallery So, Sapporo

2013 Time Axis, ART FRONT GALLEY, Tokyo

2012 Gallery Utsuwakan, Kyoto

2011 Gaierie Helene Poree, France

2011 Nichinichi Ginza, Tokyo

2010 Tousai,Tokyo

2010 Oogi, Osaka

2010 Toukyo, Tokyo

2009 Toukyo, Tokyo

2009 TAO,Tokyo

2009 Sophora, Kyoto

2009 Yu;An, Osaka

2008 TOUSAI, Tokyo

2008 utuwa-KU. Hyogo

2008 Gallery Torin shunyo, Tajimi, Gifu

2007 KEIKO GALLERY, boston

2007 Gallery KAI, Tokyo

2006 Inax Galleria Ceranica, Ginza

2006 Kyuman Museum, Kanagawa Pre.

2005 HANARE, Hyogo

2005 Gallery Torin shunyo, Tajimi, Gifu


2005 Incentive Award, Avant-garade section, the 27th ChozaAward Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition

2004 Entry to the 22nd Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition

2004 Entry to the 22nd Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan 1977, after trained his skill of ceramics at Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center, Takeuchi is currently one of the most remarkable ceramic artists. He participates in exhibitions both inside and outside of Japan. His work has collected by many art museums and hotels.

After piling up many tubular parts to construct objects and firing, he boldly makes an impact on it with a hummer and destroys.

To add an action of breaking which is direct approach, into the indirect process of ceramic which is firing, make the relationship closer between artists and their work. It also creates a noise in the work by intentional acts and accidental result.


Modern Remains Polyhedron

2015, glaze on porcelain


Modern Remains Glacier

2015, glaze on porcelain


Modern Remains Regad

2015, glaze on porcelain,glass


Modern Remains Archaic

2015, glaze on porcelain,wood