Miki Kubota

Miki Kubota



1975 Born in Kanagawa, Japan

2001 M.A. in Sculpture Course, Musashino Art University, Graduate School of Art and Design

2001-2006 Research Associate, Department of Sculpture, Musashino Art University

2008 Lecturer, Painting and Sculpture courses of Musashino Art University




Selected Solo Exhibition


2013「An image 2」hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO (Tokyo)

2012「An image」hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO (Tokyo)

2011 "Hito-no Yama" hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo (Tokyo)

2010 "Yoriai" grisette (Tokyo)

2009 "Deshadowed and swelling" hpgrp GALLERY 東京 (Tokyo)

2008 "shiseido art egg 2 "Deshadowed," Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo)


2007 "Deshadowed" Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)

2005 "Beautiful Scenery" Appel (Tokyo)

2004 "Blowout" Gallery Jin (Tokyo)

2003 "Zashiki-Gei" Kawasaki IBM Gallery (Kanagawa)

"Delicious" Naruse Bijutsuza (Tokyo)


2001 "cutting-off and arranging," gallery αM (Tokyo)

exibit LIVE (Tokyo)

2000 "SAISON ART PROGRAM "ART-ING Tokyo 2000: 16x16," Galerie SOL (Tokyo)

Futaba Gallery (Tokyo)




Selected Group Exhibition


2015「3331 Art Fair 2015」3331 Arts Chiyoda(TOKYO)

2015「Five Sculptors」hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO(TOKYO)

2010 "Skin and Map"(aichi triennial Mentioned Exhibition) Aichi Arts Center (Aichi)

2009 "The 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art SIDING RAILROAD," Saitama(Tokorozawa)

2008 「Haptic」Group Exhibition by artists from Brazil and Japan Curated by Vik Muniz, Tokyo Wonder Site hongo (Tokyo)

"UNTITLED" hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo (Tokyo)

2006 "3rd Fuchu Biennale," Fuchu Art Museum (Tokyo)

2005 "Constellation of Art 2005" Gallery Kumai(Tokyo)

"『 Shows 』 Vol.1" ars gallery (Tokyo)

2002 Gallery Jin (Tokyo)


2000 "Constellation of Art" Naruse Bijutsuza(Tokyo)

"ART-ING TOKYO 2000:16×16 ≪INDEX≫" SEISON ART PPROGRAM Gallery (Tokyo)



Taking a new approach on two-dimensional elements, Kubota’s works, based on stereochemistry, explore the relationship between an accumulation of fabrics and shapes.  Images buried under the surface are intertwined with the reality right before our eyes.  The feeling of being alive coupled with a strong sense of the individual radiates throughout the piece.  Her works can be described as expanding upon a general idea with an original approach.


A Word From The Artist


When looking at the work, what you instinctively feel has to derive from something.  For example, couldn’t being surprised quite possibly be your memories imitating the current reality?  What on earth are you looking at?  Knowing that something is accumulating--that’s why you are surprised, scared and intrigued.  These images are based on real life, like a picture or painting that has been crushed.  To visualize then feel aren’t the sole purposes.  There has to be more.  We want to invoke a feeling that differs from what we think we see.

- Miki Kubota


URL : mikikubota.com