Tamaki Shindo

Tamaki Shindo



Shindo has created a collage of the northern hemisphere’s various trees, the southern hemisphere’s assorted flowers, plains of grass and plateaus of moss, arranged into a re-occurring motif.  Despite the naturalness of its elements, it forms an unnatural being.  In this landscape, we remember past feelings of discomfort, running amuck somewhere in our psyche, but we have yet to find a source for these feelings, as they do not exist in reality.  Yet, rather than a chaotic mass of confusion, a peaceful quietness drifts about.


Words from the Artist


The source of our feelings of uneasiness is the place where our perceptions and memories meet.  I wanted to connect landscapes, just as memories are connected.  To turn the things we’ve become accustomed to seeing into a sensation of unknown feelings.  Basically, it is to feel as if we are seeing things for the first time.