Tomoyuki Ueno

Tomoyuki Ueno

1982 born in Kobe, Japan

Since 2009, working in Berlin, Germany.

2011 - 2012 Meister, Art and Media, Berlin University of the Arts, on Fellowship of Pola Art Foundation

2009 - 2010 Art and Media, Berlin University of the Arts , on DAAD scholarship

2008 - 2009 guest student. Sculpture department, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

2006 - 2008 Master, Inter Media Arts department, Tokyo University of the Arts

2002 - 2006 Bachelor, Hyper Media department, Seian University of Art & Design

Selected Solo exhibitions

2015 「It was like that」 Raketenstation Hombroich (Neuss)

2015 「Unity and Force」 MATSUO MEGUMI +VOICE GALLERY pfs/w (Kyoto)

2014 「another dimension」 REH-transformer (Berlin)

2010 「a song」 INTERVENTIONSRAUM (Stuttgart)

2010 「rouse and reflection」 Neonchocolate Gallery (Berlin)

Selected Group exhibitions

2015 「THIS WAS THE FUTURE ONCE」 Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin)


2014 「Japanese Whispers」 REH-transformer (Berlin)

2014 「Distant Observations. Fukushima in Berlin」 Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin)

2014 「TEI 2014」 Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Munich)

2013 「Das unbewusste Naturgesetz」 Japanese-German Center Berlin (Berl


2013 「to.be.」 Giomisti Kefali Gallery (Sifnos Island, Greece)

2012 「2TOTHEPOWEROF2」 Uferstrasse 6 (Berlin)

2012 「vkunst frankfurt IV “neue klarheit”」 Fahrgasse 60311 (Frankfurt)


2011 「hilfsaktion fuer japan」 Japanese-German Center Berlin (Berlin)

2010 「We are the islands」 Bethanien (Berlin)

2009 「Art Meeting」 Berlin University of the Arts, Quergalerie (Berlin)

2007 「The Other Side of Kyoto Art Map」 Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto)

2005 「KOBE ART ANNUAL 2005」 Kobe Art Village Center (Kobe)

2005 「P&E」 ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka)

2005 「art in transit vol.8」the Palace Side Hotel (Kyoto)

2005 「Multiple Market」 VOICE gallery (Kyoto)

2005 「digital stadium」 BS-NHK


2015 Contemporary Art Foundation (Public Interest Corporation), grant

2014 TEI 2014, Arts Track, nominate

2012 vkunst frankfurt IV “neue klarheit”, nominate

2011 ‒ 2012 Pola Art Foundation - fellowship

2009 - 2010 DAAD - scholarship

2005 BS-NHK, digital stadium, nominate


Work of Tomoyuki Ueno shows the truth of this world that we exist objectively. Clear concept and objectivity coexist in his work, and it gives you a pleasure of thinking not only visual aesthetics.

After receiving MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Tomoyuki Ueno lives and works in Berlin since 2008. He was trained at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart and Universität der Künste Berlin, he became a DAAD scholar and supported by Pola Art Foundation.

Artist's statement

The view of the world can be expanded by the balance between embodiment and abstraction or space, with this perspective as principle, my works might resemble a poem. The works are experiences of the extraordinary, which are to see the reality from a different point of view. The depth of the view of the world is how it reflects the reality. The experience of the extraordinary makes our realization frameworks to objectives.

At the beginning of my artwork, the theme was time or how to change our perception and to see the fact. In recent years I have been making my works about national borders as well as national anthems and also I try to realize monism. Oneself and the others or oneself and the world, such dichotomies make you see the world one-sided. I think that is important to exert influence on instinct to realize that there are not such borders physically as well as conceptually.


The confined fire is something to burn hardest.


window grilles, pipes - brass/stainless steel/copper

2400 x 2500 x 1750 mm


"Vom Kriege - Seite 77 (On War - p.77)"


book leaf, map, frame

220 x 140 mm


doors in a mind


door, rectangular pipes

409 x 339 x 30 mm


Nationalhymnen 1982 (National Anthems 1982)


paper, frame

1010 x 470 x 30 mm