Protect Life 2020 Gumyōchō
Sanae takahata

2020.8.7Fri - 2020.9.3Thu

The H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY proudly presents “Protect Life 2020 Gumyōchō”
The “Gumyōchō” is an imaginary bird which lives in heaven. It’s called a “two headed bird” too because it has two faces for one body”.They have different minds but they spend their life together. It actually seems just like us who share the same time on earth.
At this exhibition, we introduce 4 oil paintings in total, including 2020's spirit “ Protect Life 2020- a life sharing bird” along with 100 personal objects which are collaged with antic parts (I don't know what this is) and baltic amber which she collected during a trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania last summer.

In the Spring of 2020, during the spread of COVID-19, people disappeared from the streets of Tokyo and everyone around the world was staying home. While gazing absently at the silent city, I pictured the image of the mythical two-headed “Gumyōchō.” Our lives are interconnected and our future depends on us taking care of each other.

Will I be able to have my exhibition in August? Will I survive this pandemic? Wrapped in feelings of anxiety, fear and tension, I painted the “Gumyōchō” and created 100 personal objects, some containing ancient amber from the Baltic sea that I gathered during a trip there last year. On the back of each one of a kind piece is a Protect Life 2020 Gumyōchō prayer.

Now is a difficult time to go out, but seeing people can turn this occasion into the most precious, memorable and grateful moment ever. I would like to see you. If you contact me before coming, I will take the necessary precautions and be there for our safe meeting. Email: SanaeTakahata@aol.com
”Marginal : ​Hear Our Voice”by Sanae Takahata is the part of TOKYO biennale 2020/2021.​ http://www.sanaetakahata.jp

Notes regarding Gumyōchō:
The Gumyōchō is a beautiful two-headed bird. It is one of the bird species which are said to inhabit nirvana. It is said to have an exceedingly beautiful voice. Their story is a parable for the interdependence of all humans on one another.


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