Aging painting

    2017.11.15 ( wed ) -2017.12.29 ( fri )

    ARTIST Takahiro Yamamto
    Courtesy of Gallery Kogure

    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of “Aging Painting” by Takahiro Yamamoto. New York based Japanese artist Takahiro Yamamoto will exhibits his latest super-realistic oil painting series “Aging Painting”.
    The opening reception with the artist will be held on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017, in conjunction with Tribeca Art Night #6

    Throughout his work, Yamamoto has focused on themes of replicative techniques and the environments that foster them. His series, Re:view, investigates the difficulty of identifying what is original versus what is reproduced in today’s context, while his series, Where the artificial stops and the real starts, builds on that concept to demonstrate the fragility of the very term “originality.”
    According to Yamamoto, the increasing abundance of replicative technology has already negated our ability to compare originals and reproductions. In spite of this, an original continues to hold much more value than its duplicate. The word “original” continues to evoke concepts of uniqueness or singularity — concepts which are generally accepted as incompatible with reproductions.
    However, is this really the case? Yamamoto has invested in the potential for reproductions to acquire uniqueness and distinctness, eventually coming upon the concept for Aging. At the moment the duplicate is created, it becomes impossible to distinguish between an object and its reproduction. However, with the passing of time, that object may change in color or sustain damage, coincidentally allowing us to
    distinguish between it and its reproduction. In this instance, is it possible for the reproduction to obtain uniqueness and singularity? In fact, Yamamoto’s past works have consistently developed this motif, portraying the reproduction’s ability to achieve its own quality as a result of changes in the original over the course of time.

    Yamamoto drew inspiration for Aging from several of Claude Monet’s painting series. During the 1890s, Monet began work on his Haystacks, Poplars, and Rouen Cathedral paintings. These series make use of the same composition and motif, rendered in morning, midday, and evening to depict changes in light. Monet believed that as light shifted color tones, it could ultimately change the same object into a separate entity. This point of view would connect years later to Andy Warhol’s Color Variations. In addition to the changes of color throughout Monet’s series, there is one more variable: time. In the Poplars series, the branches and leaves of the trees change as time progresses, while in the Haystacks series, snow gathers on the haystacks. Monet’s depictions of the shifts in light and time created a phenomenon. In letters to his friends, Monet described the notion of capturing a moment, and through this reference, one can see that even the shortest increment of time can change identical objects into separate entities.

    Time (and the experiences that go hand in hand with it) changes the same object into something different. With this central philosophy, Yamamoto presents his series Aging painting. By faithfully recreating photographs with precise intention, down to every worn and aged detail, these works embody their own sense of uniqueness and singularity in spite of being recreations. They embody a question Yamamoto has invested in — is there something to be gained in seeing them side by side with their originals?

    100 Years - SANYO 100 nen coat featuring Ricardo Gonzalez

    2017.10.13 ( fri ) -2017.10.17 ( tue )

    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of "100 Years - SANYO 100 nen coat featuring Ricardo Gonzalez". Brooklyn based artist Ricardo Gonzales shows the latest art works inspired by the concept of  SANYO 100 nen coat. The opening reception with the live painting by the  artists will be held on Friday, October 13th, 2017.

    About 100 nen (100 years) coat



    When SANYO SHOKAI reached its 70th anniversary in 2013, it adopted the tagline "TIMELESS WORK", as a policy for becoming a company that consumers will empathize and resonate with, and come to love. It started work on making the "100nen coat" as a way of realizing that tagline. Starting in October, it gradually rolled the range out to department stores nationwide, and to Sanyo iStore, its own e-commerce site. The theme of the "100nen coat" is "a coat that will be loved for generations. It was developed in the "Sanyo" coat brand, which was the company's starting point.


    [Sanyo-goshi Original checked pattern]

    We believed that Kabuki is the roots of the popular culture for Japanese entertainment arts, which is what led to our development of an original checked pattern <Sanyo-goshi> that was inspired by the Okina-goshi pattern seen in Kabuki.

    Okina-goshi a bold line means an old man and thin lines mean grandchildren. That’s the reason Sanyo has decided to make sanyo-goshi their concept ,100nen coat create to be loved over a long time through many generations.


    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Born in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua and raised in Durango, Mexico. Ricardo Gonzalez is a graphic designer focused on lettering, typography, calligraphy & art installations. His passion for letterforms comes from his childhood when looking at old letters written in Spencerian by his grandfather in the 1950’s. In 2008 Ricardo moved to Canada where he studied graphic design at Mohawk College. After his studies he worked as a screen printer for a two years in Ottawa ON, during this time he rediscovered his passion for calligraphy and began to experiment with letterforms. In the fall of 2012 he moved to Toronto to work as a freelance graphic designer, but after just four months he headed down south to his home town of Durango, Mexico, to work full-time as an independent designer. Then, in the summer of 2014, he moved to New York City to attend Type@Cooper where he earned a typeface design diploma from Cooper Union. Ricardo is currently based in Brooklyn.



    Sanyo New York is an outerwear brand that focuses on quality, design, and technological advancement. We pride ourselves in being an affordable luxury brand that creates contemporary coats of top-brand quality using the best and innovative fabrics. Sanyo Shokai New York Inc. was established in 1978 by Sanyo Shokai of Tokyo, becoming one of the pioneers in the global trend of Japanese brand launches in the States. Sanyo Shokai is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Japan that has a long rich history dating back to 1943. Sanyo was the first to treat wool gabardine for water repellency, and ventured out in being the first to use lightweight and breathable parachute material to create a coat of durability and strength. Our motto, Shin-Zen-Bi (Integrity, Quality, Beauty), embodies the process in the designing and production of our coats, as well as the end-product itself. The implementation of cutting-edge technology, in order to continually exceed the needs and expectation of our discerning customers, defines our products from inception to delivery. As technology advances, Sanyo will continually improve and redesign our coats to parallel the advancing times and to be a pioneer in producing contemporary outerwear.



    “100 Years - SANYO 100 nen coat featuring Ricardo Gonzalez" will open its pop-up shop in Nolita starting from December 15th to December 21st, 2017. More details will be announced soon. Stay tuned to our website, facebook and instagram for all the latest updates.


    2017.09.30 ( sat ) -2017.10.06 ( fri )

    ARTIST Guest artist: Masaya Nakayama
    Exhibit Artists: Yoshiaki Komatsu, Leo Chibana, Ayano Yoshida, ATSU, Taiga Matsunaga, Katsuya Yamamoto, Anna Kuratsubo, Momoko Kimura, Hirotaka Sato, Ryo Kajitani, Heronobu, Yoshimori Mutsuko, Popopo Hompo, Takahiro Kitamura, Senhiko Nakata, Masaki Watanabe, Noriaki Tanimua, Yoshimi Fujita, Seiya NAKAZAZKI , Yuta Ikehara, Hasaqui Yamanobe

    Image: (c) Yuta Ikehara


    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of MONSTER.

    This is the fifth time since 2011 that MONSTER Exhibition has held its exhibition. The public has been invented to join the contest for the best “KAIJU(MONSTER)” arts. Artists have been selected to show their new style at 8/COURT(HIKARIE, Shibuya) and hpgrp GALLERY(New York).


    The“KAIJU(MONSTER)” theme will incorporate the metaphor of The Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami. However, the artists are free to interpret the metaphor. Because of the recent earthquake in Kumamoto, some artists expressed their feelings through this disaster. We can see not only the expression of disaster but also expressions of humanity, politics and self-expression. It mirrors what happened through the filter of “KAIJU(MONSTER)”. We opened MONSTER exhibition

    to different mediums such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, design, movies and graphic.


    2017.09.15 ( fri ) -2017.09.27 ( wed )

    ARTIST WOW x Gabriel Pulecio

    "BEYOND CASSINI" is an experimental art installation celebrating the life and death of one of Nasa's most successful satellite programs.

    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of "BEYOND CASSINI", an original new art work by WOW, a visual design studio based in Tokyo and London in collaboration with Director, Tyler Bowers and Artist, Director Gabriel Pulecio. The opening reception with the artists will be held on Friday, September 15th, 2017.

    It’s been said, just before a person dies their life’s biggest moments flash before their eyes. “Beyond Cassini” uses this narrative to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the most successful and beloved Satellites in space exploration history. As Cassini begins its final flight into Saturn’s upper atmosphere with a mission of disintegration, visuals flash back through time giving viewers highlights of this dying satellite’s life. Fleeting moments and flashbacks allow viewers to celebrate 20 years of Cassini’s achievements in a very personal, non-linear, stylized exhibition.

    Love & Obsession

    2017.08.18 ( fri ) -2017.09.08 ( fri )

    ARTIST 軍司 匡寛、ファンタジスタ歌麿呂

    左: ©Tadahiro Gunji  Collectivity 016 2017  Acrylic, Resin Coatings On Wood Panel  63"x53"

    右: ©Fantasista Utamaro  Colorblind : Blue/Pink  2017  Acrylic, Epoxy Resin, On Plywood  30”x30”


    hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce ‘Love & Obsession’, features the works of Japanese artists Tadahiro Gunji and Fantasista Utamaro. From the aesthetics of ancient paintings to high-context Anime culture, they easily cross over the boundaries.


    2017.06.21 ( wed ) -2017.07.29 ( sat )

    ARTIST 百武てつ吾、上野友幸、照屋勇賢

    会期を1週間延長し、2017年8月5日 (土) まで開催いたします。


    ©Yuken Teruya  Minding My Own Business(Jan25,2014), 2015, New York Times, 12.5”x 12”x 2-1/8”(左上)

    ©Tomoyuki Ueno  Don’t You Wanna Dance?, 2017, Brass, Iron and  Wood, 41”x 81”x 31-1/2”(右上)

    ©Tetsugo Hyakutake  Industrial Port, Kashima, Japan 2009, Archival Pigment Print, 16”x 56”/each(下)

    Milk on the Edge

    2017.05.05 ( fri ) -2017.06.10 ( sat )

    ARTIST exonemo

    Supported by MAM/Tokyo (Masu Hiroshi Masuyama).

    The quiet breathing of a nameless forest

    2017.04.27 ( thu ) -2017.05.03 ( wed )

    ARTIST Yuko Bito


    2017.03.30 ( thu ) -2017.04.15 ( sat )

    ARTIST 更井真理

    Japanese Samurai Fashion

    2017.02.28 ( tue ) -2017.03.25 ( sat )

    ARTIST Everett Kennedy Brown