Solo Exhibition

    2014.10.31 ( fri ) -2014.11.24 ( mon )

    ARTIST Kanako Ohya


    2014.10.07 ( tue ) -2014.10.20 ( mon )



    2014.09.10 ( wed ) -2014.10.02 ( thu )

    ARTIST Eiji Yuzawa

    Harmony/my melody, your melody

    2014.08.21 ( thu ) -2014.09.07 ( sun )

    ARTIST D[diː]

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by D[di:].

    D[di:] works based on the idea of “Crying for the Moon-” in her works.
    In her solo exhibition two years ago “Eternally unrequited LOVE” was formed under
    the condition of “Love” towards to animals and plants and “Refusal” which is an
    allergic reaction to it. I thought it was too painful to keep demanding what she efuses.
    But soon, I realized that probably I would fail to do that even though I want to.
    Therefore I longed for D[di:] .
    D[di:] exposes her fears in this exhibition "Harmony / My Melody, Your Melody" since
    she wonders that her happiness is formed on someone's happiness if she was happy now,
    and that she can breathe because of someone's dying for her. I suppose that right.
    Surely we would realize environmental destruction and global warming, war that never ends,
    the atmosphere after the 311 in the world. It looks strange hopelessly, and it is far from harmony.
    There is no one in her imaginary world. This is because of that human beings destroy
    harmony. There is a contradiction. What the most unnecessary is human beings in the
    world of ideal for them. Eventually I persuade myself that demanding harmony makes
    an escape and that is “crying for the moon” which we never get.
    -----Kentaro Totsuka, director, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO


    2014.07.25 ( fri ) -2014.08.17 ( sun )

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by RYOONO who is active in a wide range of techniques including graphic designs, textile designs, and murals.
    RYOONO, with his making full use of organic and lively graphic works, has been putting many works out
    into the world in collaboration with commercial design of companies, such as apparels and restaurants. His dynamic wall painting, which thoroughly pursues graphic quality, has got a high evaluation inside and outside Japan. In the solo show at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO in 2008, he created “swell” that is essential for life by depicting collages with pencils. Following the solo show in 2011, using images of plants and animals as a symbol for richness and vitality, RYOONO showcased digital prints which represented the idea of “an indi- vidual” and “ the whole” with continuous graphic patterns. In this show, “plants”, a symbol for abundance and beauty which he consistently pursues, are shown by his pencil drawings and digital collages that can be said as the strength of RYOONO. What he has been seeking for abundance and beauty is not superficial beauty or so called "praise of life", but things close to the idea of substantial “desire”. In recent years, a speed of changes is increasing and stereotypes are immediately overturned after another, perhaps people desire to look for something absolute and intrinsic appears to a work of art. hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO restarts at Kotto-Street and the first project since new location, we would appreciate your coming and seeing an exhibition of new works by RYOONO.


    2014.06.27 ( fri ) -2014.07.21 ( mon )

    ARTIST Yuichi Hirako

    Hirako creates paintings and sculptures under the theme of a relationship between humans and plants since he started to be interested in the fact that a man brings plants into living space e.g. parks and house plants. Even “artificial” plants in our daily life could give an imagination that connects nature such as forests and mountains. We could feel the sense of awe towards nature and an expanse of profound darkness from his paintings although the landscape of the forest looks joyful and humorous.
    The plant-like human beings which often appear on Hirako’s works are filled with primitive charms as well as mysteri- ous, which reminds us French Photographer Charles Fréger‘s “WILDER MANN”. Likewise WILDER MANN that celebrates life with a fur, horn, and clothes made by plants, the plant-like human beings have an important role in his works, which became powerful image including sort of heterogeneity.
    In this show, Hirako will present new works that inspired by ordinary “wooden” furniture, belongings, and tools in life.
    It is familiar to use wood for the material of furniture, we have feeling of “warmth“ and ”healing” towards the materials. We would appreciate your coming and seeing Hirako’s new works created by his interests towards “the feeling towards wooden works.“


    2014.05.23 ( fri ) -2014.06.22 ( sun )

    ARTIST Kazuhiro Ito

    We are pleased to announce 7th solo exhibition by a sculptor Ito Kazuhiro at the hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.


    It is a general process for bronze sculpture to cast from the original form made of beeswax. Ito, however, had not made the original form for long time. Instead of that, he created works with his original method that forms from a lump of bronze itself since he tells that ”feels a distance to the shape” in the practice of shifting the material.
    Now he returned to the method of lost-wax casting to create works because he started to understand about bronze recently, and beeswax is suitable material to represent a sense of “sentimental” that he feels.


    Ito has been challenging to an eternally question “What is sculpture?” over the past 20 years with consideration and study of bronze, which makes his range of representation expands.
    He manipulates Bronze, which is permanent material remaining the figure over the several thousand years, and including a factor of time in extraordinary length. We would appreciate your coming and seeing his rich expression of bronze works.

    Beast from a Foreign Land

    2014.04.18 ( fri ) -2014.05.11 ( sun )

    ARTIST AJ Fosik, SHOHEI, MHAK, imaone, Koichiro Takagi, KAZ, Madsaki, yoshi47, Ryuichi Ogino, Hiro Kurata, Tadaomi Shibuya, USUGROW, Tsuyoshi Nigamushi

    Portland, Oregon (January 16th, 2014) - AJ Fosik has created 12 sculptures that were delivered to 12 artists in Tokyo for a unique collaboration project, Beast From A Foreign Land. Unlike AJ’s normal work, these pieces are unfinished and can be disassembled so that each artist can customize each individual piece of the sculpture. The result will be a unique collaboration between a stellar list of artists in Tokyo and one of Portland’s most well known artists.  open hours: 5/5(mon) temporary open.




    The fire that has been burning for 1000 years and the star that has gone out 8 minutes and 19 seconds ago.

    2014.03.06 ( thu ) -2014.04.13 ( sun )

    ARTIST Daisuke Nagaoka

    ※Due to popular demand, the exhibition will be extended until 4/13 (Sun.)

    Mon. & 4/8(Tue.)  Closed


    We are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Daisuke Nagaoka.Born in 1973, Nagaoka has been looking at the relationship between memory and body, and working on experimental drawings that capture a moment of creation and animations of pencil drawing being fast-forwarded. His animation piece was awarded the grand prize at the 1st Sapporo Odori 500m Underground Walkway Gallery Award in 2013. In addition, he had an exhibition of the grand award-wining “New Cities” there, getting a high evaluation of him. He is also currently working on a project called “Re-constellation” that connects people through an experience of reading, and expands his media variously such as moving images and performance. Nagaoka tells that he is interested in a phenomenon succeeded intermittently by human beings’ intention, not physical one. He takes an anecdote as an example that “Immortal Light of Dharmathree large lanterns in front of the main altar have been illuminating continuously for the past 1200 years”, at Risshaku-ji where is well-known for Basho Matsuo’s poet.In this exhibition, he approaches memories that have sought after by video installations and drawings produced in the process of it. We would appreciate your coming and seeing Daisuke’s new work exhibition.

    The Warrior

    2014.01.17 ( fri ) -2014.02.16 ( sun )

    ARTIST Kenichi Asano

    A contemporary artist, Hisashi Tenmyouya will introduce currently the most remarkable and a new generation sculptor Kenichi Asano’s solo exhibition at the hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

    Asano has worked on the theme of becoming a new and another incarnation through media such as transformation, possession, and puppet, that influence obtaining power.  For this exhibition, a main piece “The Warrior”, which applies “mask” as a medium for accessing another world, will be presented.Conforming to the manners of Noh, the drivable variant(cyborg) with golden eyes intends to transcended us in this world, while the vividly an emitting helmet and a visor of the armor, the bracelet and greave are applied to the shell, these express deified human beings by the overwhelming power. Classical techniques and a sense of the near-future fuse acrobatically.Asano’s works, which integrated by his mind and techniques maximum, are certainly worthy of being called BASARA, that is ahybrid of extravagant and extraordinary. BASARA stands on the opposite end of the spectrum from wabi sabi and is extravagant and extraordinary which is incompatible with Otaku culture. It is successive family to the tradition of that deviates from repressed social structure in Japan and praises the hybrid attraction of KABUKIMONO in the Sengoku era and UKIYOESHI in the end of the Edo period. It can be said that this cyborg is an incarnation transcended a theory of the world. This is because the cyborg is a projection of immobilized fixed object, in other words, it is a reflection of subjective human beings casting aside the sculptural status.We wonder where to the audience are taken when they confront with expanded avatar to the limit, that is to say, “The Warrior”, through “mask” as a device.An old and new God descends here by the new generation artist. Five new pieces apart from the main work “The Warrior” will beshowcased.

    Please enjoy Kenichi Asano ‘s new works produced by Hisashi Tenmyouya.


    ※ 2 / 11(Tue)will be temporary open.


    2014.01.07 ( tue ) -2014.01.12 ( sun )