2015.12.04 ( fri ) -2015.12.26 ( sat )

    ARTIST Kouzo Takeuchi

    We are pleased to announce Takeuchi Kouzo’s solo exhibition “reformation”. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan 1977, after trained his skill of ceramics at Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center, Takeuchi is currently one of the most remarkable ceramic artists. He participates in exhibitions both inside and outside of Japan. His work has collected by many art museums and hotels.

    After piling up many tubular parts to construct objects and firing, he boldly makes an impact on it with a hummer and destroys.

    To add an action of breaking which is direct approach, into the indirect process of ceramic which is firing, make the relationship closer between artists and their work. It also creates a noise in the work by intentional acts and accidental result.

    We would like you to come and see Takeuchi’s roughly formed pieces which produce rich shade and shadow.

    Don't Tread on Me

    2015.10.30 ( fri ) -2015.11.28 ( sat )

    ARTIST Ben Venom

    Sponsored by Levi’s Japan. curated by Hellion Gallery

    Waxing and Waning

    2015.10.15 ( thu ) -2015.10.24 ( sat )

    ARTIST Ayako Ohno,Kazuma Koike,10¹² TERRA/Daisuke Tsumanuma・Kenichi Yamada,Tatsuya Mizoguchi,Hayato Wakabayashi

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a group exhibition “Waxing and waning”. This show is organized by Kazuma Koike who had a solo exhibition at hpgrp GALLERY in 2011. When he saw our new gallery space where moved in June 2014, he came up the idea that he would like to set up two small rooms there.
    The two rooms are set as a dining room and a bed room where people have not been to for a while, which is the initial idea of this show. We have meal at a dining room then sleep at a bed room regularly in our daily life. There are many things in the rooms −sculptures and paintings, photographs, vases and plans.
    Making things, taking photos, and putting natural objects containers are something like making specimens to keep the impression and phenomena. On the contrary. We realize that the nothing stays the same. The title of this exhibition “waxing and waning” does not mean contradiction, but represents. the change and repeat.The works and plants are carefully placed, and it gives the tension to the gallery space. In this extraordinary situation, the viewers would fall into the illusion that time has stopped.

    During this exhibition (15th Oct Thu – 18th Oct Sun), AOSANDO art fair 2015 will be held. About More than forty shops and artists will exhibit in Aoyama, Omotesandou, Harajyuku area.

    [AOSANDO art fair 2015]
    Period: 2015/10/15(Thu)- 10/18(Sun)
    Venue: about 40 shops in AOSANDO area


    2015.09.18 ( fri ) -2015.10.12 ( mon )

    ARTIST Ryo Ohwada

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce Ryo Ohwada's solo ex hibition ‘TYPE’.
    Born in 1978, Ryo Ohwada published his photography series which made the best use of digital vigorously , which, and were selected by ‘reGeneration50 photographs of tomorrow ’hosted by Musee de I’Elysee, Lausanne Switzerland. Winning the Newcomer’s Award in 2011, Ryo Ohwada is being watched as a young talented photog rapher by the world.Types are Symbols.
    If people understand the same language, they will recall almost the same meaning from the same symbol. Although the meaning of same symbol could be totally different due to the writer and the writing materials.
    ‘TPYE’ tend to be more symbolic as they are mass-produced and th e fact that they do not contain toomuch impressions and informa tion.The works of which is showing in this exhibition is a series of photography that is based on typing. Not to say there will be a mechanical impression but the warmness from which it is being handmade.
    This exhibition showcases the beauty of functions of symbols an d the fantasy of the characters before they become types.

    Artist’s Comment
    As soon as I encountered with these letters, these number-sculp ted metal sheets while looking around antiques, I made the decision that I would have it as a motif for my photograph. I was very i nterested in “print” as I worked on a series of “Banknotes” at that time.While photographing these 5cm wide metal sheets, I was curious about what they were and asked around theprofessionals in printing.Consequently, it has found that would be the matrix for use in Benton engra ving machine, which was popular during the World War II.Benton engraver can be engraved type to be used for actual prin ting while tracing these matrix machines.Because letters are too long or there are some imperfections, I do not think they were used in the actual printing.
    I imagine that they would be made for the practice of the engra ver. However, imperfections emphasize a craftsmanship seeking more perfection.
    An antiques dealer has picked up those that had been left for a long time in the warehouse of the printing plant, and I captur ed them,became apparent to detail, which is not visible to the naked ey e. It makes me think about physical and abstract.


    2015.08.14 ( fri ) -2015.09.13 ( sun )

    ARTIST Yoshiro Takeuchi

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to present Takeuchi Yoshiro’s so lo show 「APPEARANCE」.

    It tends to be that the viewers would always look for the answe r form the images when ones

    standing in front of a painting.

    Though Takeuchi’s works which created with limited colours and simple compositions, enabled

    us to face his works as absolute forms.

    Takeuchi’s works remind the viewers the beauty of the style tha t could be used in religions and

    as patterns, or the beauty that is inspired by nature such as fl owers and crystals. And yet,

    herewould not be any answers from the paintings no matter how hard ones trying to figure out from

    recalling that sort of impressions. Because his works are not m edia that being used to express

    anything, but installations for discovering.

    Takeuchi’s works allow the viewers to widen their invisible ima ginations from another perspective,

    by which painting a form as a form.

    That might be the substance of what is so called Painting from the long continuing history of Art.

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is honored to show Takeuchi Yoshiro:s new exhibition after three years.

    no one knows Sculpture

    2015.07.10 ( fri ) -2015.08.09 ( sun )

    ARTIST Kazuhiro Ito

    hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo is pleased to announce Kazuhiro Ito’s solo exhibition “no one knows Sculpture”.

    What is sculpture?

    Kazuhiro Ito who was fascinated by bronze has been challenging this eternal question

    over 16 years of his artistʼs career.

    Ito states that the role of a sculptor “is not to make but to discover”. He has created

    sculpture not only as method of expression but also as a goal itself.

    This show extended the expression of the philosophical thoughts which is woven by

    the necessity of the material and the spontaneous forms.

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is honored to present this show as the 100th exhibition.

    Supported by: Yamagishi Chukin Studio Company

    Another Hole

    2015.06.05 ( fri ) -2015.07.05 ( sun )

    ARTIST Daisuke Nagaoka

    hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo is pleased to announce Daisuke Nagaoka’s solo exhibition “Another Hole”.

    Nagaoka creates a series of animation work by his pencil drawing. While a video camera is recording from above, he draws and erases images on paper repeatedly. He creates a kind of time-lapse animation by fast-forwarding video footage. He also works on a project called
    “Re-constellation”, which dredge up people’s experience and the history of the place by reading books and reading aloud. His work expands to outside of white cube.
    Time is a fundamental theme in his animations that builds narratives on a sheet of paper. Soon after the lines are drawn, the traces of erased lines also remain. Both future and past exist in his animations, just like the ambiguous time line of his story.

    In the show at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO last year, the animation work
    “The fire that has been burning for 1000 years and the star that has gone out 8 minutes and 19 seconds ago.” attracts the audience by the quietworld where layers of time and people’s life and death seem to beconnected. Nagaoka’s new animation ”Another Hole” shows us a world where magnificent views and personal body are connected and piled up.

    Nagaoka has invited art-in-residence to stay and work in Aomori Conte-
    mporary Art Center this year.

    Topological Landscape

    2015.05.01 ( fri ) -2015.05.30 ( sat )

    ARTIST Yasuo Nomura

    Yasuo NOMURA

    1979 Born in Shimane, Japan

    2004 B.A., Oil Painting Course, Musashino Art University


    Solo Exhibition

    2014 ” Paradigm Equinox” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)

    “Forest of Prime” momurag (Kyoto)

    ” Re: Vitruvian Man” H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY (Tokyo)

    2012 ” ecosphere” IOSSELLIANI T-02-IOS (Tokyo)

    ” Social Eclipse” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)

    2011 ” WASTE STYLE” mograg garage (Tokyo)

    2008 ” Story of the Pion/TIME” mograg garage (Tokyo)

    2007 ” Story of the Pion/1080 Kleshas” Tobo temple (Shimane)


    Group Exhibition

    2015 “-Pureism National Exhibition- Asagaya Art Street 2015” in Asagaya(Tokyo)       “NEW CITY ART FAIR New York” hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK (New York)

    2014 “SINGAPORE ART FAIR” SUNTEC(Singapore)

    “SHIBUYA STYLE vol.8” SEIBU Shibuya Art Gallery (Tokyo)

    “NEW CITY ART FAIR New York” hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK (New York)

    2013 ” HOSHIKUZUNO KIRAMEKI BIENNALE 2013” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)

    “SHIBUYA STYLE vol.6” Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery (Tokyo)

    “mograg vol.04 Launch Exhibition” excube / shikaku (Osaka)

    ”Color Me Pop!” Seibu Ikebukuro Atelier Movida (Tokyo)

    2012 “ULTRA005 -Director Chieko Tanaka-” SPIRAL (Tokyo)

    ” Ningen wo Egaku” Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F (Tokyo)

    2010 ” NON FICTION” Pulp (Osaka)

    ” ZERODATE” Onariza&Kyu-Bonjour (Akita)

    ” ART BATTLE ROYALE” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)

    ” ART FAIR FREE” Vacant (Tokyo)

    ” Art Tengoku 2010 -Enter the Tiger” Matsunoyu (Tokyo)

    ” Ku-chu GO” MAGIC ROOM?? (Tokyo)

    2009 ” SECRET PHANTOM 2” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)

    ” m.a.s.k? spring collection 2009” MAGIC ROOM?? (Tokyo)

    2007 ” Central East Tokyo 07” Agata Building (Tokyo)

    2006 ” EXPOSITION ‒MANDALA” La Petite Rockette (Paris)

    ” l’art sans fin” Le CARROSE (Paris)


    Gravity and grace

    2015.03.27 ( fri ) -2015.04.25 ( sat )

    ARTIST Hayato Wakabayashi

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce Hayato Wakabayashi solo exhibition “Gravity and grace”.
    This title is taken from a book by Simone Weil (Strictly speaking, a third party re-edited Weil’s notebooks.) who is French philosopher lived in the early 1900's.

    The young philosopher who died in obscurely during World War II, considered that our soul is also controlled by the law of gravity that entirely goes dow as same as other objects. As long as in the laws of nature, nothing can escape from it. Hayato Wakabayashi sees beauty in the absolute and essential existence of gravity, just like live and death. Waterfalls and caves captured by Hayato represent quiet tension and continuous changes expressively.


    Artists’s Comments

    I drove north along the National Route 141 and turn left at the Umijiri Station. Although guard rail was buried in snow, only the road towards to a cottage area was cleared off. I parked the car by the bridge along the carved stream. Frozen waterfall appeared when got down to the stream carefully. I had no choice to get into the water to go forward since the stones above water were frozen. The tripod was buried in the snow and could not be fixed, that caused to fall down with the camera. My feet were very cold and my body was also getting cold because I hardly moved. Because of the cold, I worried weather shutter were accurate or not, but took photos anyhow. I drove from Morioka to the coast, go up through the ria coast in heavy fog. Ahead in the direction of Iwaizumi and lights in summer showed beautiful contrast by the mountains and sky. I drove for half an hour comfortably and parked at a big car park where souvenir shop also located. It was chilly inside the cave. Camera lens was condensed and could not see at all. Camera was also flooded by the condensation. Finally the condensation was gone but I could not shoot as I wanted because people were passing during exposure time, which was like 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 8minutes. I put images of “frozen waterfall” and “cave” which I saw into new context. Although being vacant and decorative, these are reconstructed in a context “gravity”. The world where we live repeats generation and change regardless of whether we can perceive or not. It is impossible for all creatures on the earth to escape from gravity. Our daily life is also uncontrollable in this laws of nature.


    The EMA Show

    2015.03.13 ( fri ) -2015.03.22 ( sun )

    ARTIST Tadaomi Shibuya (Japan), AJ Fosik (US), Tsuyoshi Nigamushi (Japan), Koichiro Takagi (Japan), etc.

    EMA is a wooden plaque with a picture of a horse, which is dedicated to a Shinto shrine when making a wish, or when showing gratitude for the granted wish. Artists from several countries create artwork on this Ema. Originally people offered a living horse to Shinto shrine. However people started to offer a statue of a horse instead of real one because a horse is expensive and needed a lot of care. Moreover it ended up with a wooden plaque with a picture of a horse.

    Ema-do hall were built for ema created by famous painters to exhibit and gave opportunity to show them at some period. That is considered an original form of art exhibition in Japan.

    This exhibition starts form Hellion Gallery in Portland (US) then travels to hpgrp GALLERY in Tokyo with the works from around the world including Japan, South America, and Europe.

    For more information about The EMA Show, please contact hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO at art@hpgrp.com

    Cooperation:Hellion Gallery http://www.helliongallery.com



    2015.02.20 ( fri ) -2015.03.08 ( sun )

    ARTIST Koji Iijima, Taira Ichikawa, Bunpei Kado, Satoru Tamura

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a group exhibition by 4 artists from an artist group called “IRON∞MAN”. Koji Iijima creates works while running an artist in residence. As an artist, Iijima has a unique career that he was a professional cage fighter in U.S.A. Taira Ichikawa has been showing dynamic sculptures that remind the audience Sci-fi narratives since 1990. His work “Magical Mixer” using a small planetarium will be exhibited in this show. Bunpei Kado’s works completely transform the original meaning of everyday objects by assembling them. Kado is an expected emerging artist and awarded a special prize, for the 10th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art. He was also participated in Setouchi International Art Festival in 2013. Satoru Tamura, who has a high evaluation for his comical and surreal artworks in abroad as well, works based on the theme “destruction of meaning” such as a motorized machine getting fire burning, unidentifiable tools.

    Those 4 artists, demonstrating their uniqueness in the contemporary art world, will present kinetic works with light and shadow, which provides fantastical and unrealistic world. We would appreciate your coming and seeing.

    *This project is a part of Arts Saitama Kitamachi held at the Plaza North in Saitama city. For the detailed information about the Arts Saitama Kitamachi, please see http://c-art-japan.com


    Five Sculptors

    2015.01.09 ( fri ) -2015.02.15 ( sun )

    ARTIST Kenichi Asano, Kazuhiro Ito, AKI INOMATA, Miki Kubota, Kozo Takeuchi


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