2016.12.02 ( fri ) -2016.12.29 ( thu )

    ARTIST Kazuhiro ITO


    2016.10.28 ( fri ) -2016.11.26 ( sat )



    2016.10.20 ( thu ) -2016.10.23 ( sun )

    ARTIST ICHIGO・ICHIE by holiday


    2016.09.02 ( fri ) -2016.09.24 ( sat )

    ARTIST Keiji Ito


    2016.08.05 ( fri ) -2016.08.27 ( sat )

    ARTIST Hideki IINUMA / Kenichi OBANA


    2016.07.08 ( fri ) -2016.07.30 ( sat )


    History on paper -Rupert J. Smith-

    2016.06.17 ( fri ) -2016.07.03 ( sun )

    ARTIST Rupert J. Smith

    Photo Infinity Tokyo 2016

    2016.04.29 ( fri ) -2016.05.28 ( sat )

    ARTIST Akira Kitajima, Motoyuki Kobayashi, Yoshihito Sasaguchi, Shigeo Shidara, Kazutaka Nakamura, Hidekazu Maiyama, Satoshi Minakawa

    Original scenery

    2016.03.25 ( fri ) -2016.04.23 ( sat )

    ARTIST Shinko Okuhara,Tamami Kubota,Ayune Shojima

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a group exhibition “Original scenery” by three artists, Shinko Okuhara, Tamami Kubota, Ayune Shojima.

    Shinko Okuhara works on visual image for advertisement and publications, as well as representing at galleries and art fairs both domestic and international. She transforms everyday events and important feelings into colors and forms, making such as paintings, drawings, print makings, and installations.Recent her works are inspired by flowers and landscape where she grew up.

    Tamami Kubota‘s works features gorgeous-look figures and their dark facial expression, powerful blush stroke, and delicate color tone. The audience is drawn in to the story between the painted people. Feeling of tension and gentleness coexist in her work.

    Shojima Ayune finds gentle beauty based on daily life in European old craft works. It is her aim to make painting which the audience enjoy and easy to understand, mainly animals and flowers motif.

    The gentleness and softness through these three artists are similar to a feeling of missing hometown.The world painted by them overlaps with our hometown like finding a feeling of relief in hometown in passing day.

    We would like you to come and see this exhibition.


    2016.02.19 ( fri ) -2016.03.21 ( mon )

    ARTIST Kuwashima Hideki

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a solo exhibition "Parallax" by a photographer Hideki Kuwajima.
    In 1964, he was born at photo studio in Osaka. After graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film, he worked at commercial photo studio, currently works as a photographer. In 1977, he was selected for “The 2nd Tokyo International Photo-Biennale”. Then he was recognized worldwide with the series of “THE WORLD” which captures the strong image of piled up glasses and decanters.
    In this exhibition, he shows “Parallax”, which expresses time and emotional layers in relationship between himself and his father. The series of works are completed with multiple exposure over glasses on many portraits taken by his father who run a photo studio.
    If the position of the finder and the lens are different just like a twin-lens reflex camera, physical disparity of a photograph, which is called Parallax, would be incurred.
    His father and his works are very important meanings for Kuwajima. They appeared in Kuwajimaʼs work as new layers through long time.


    2016.01.15 ( fri ) -2016.02.14 ( sun )

    ARTIST Kenichi Asano

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce the first exhibition for 2016, "monstrum" by a sculptor Kenichi Asano.

    He studied traditional mechanical toy and restoration of Buddhist sculpture and works based on Japanese traditional wood carving techniques. He has worked on the theme of becoming a new and another incarnation through media such as transformation, possession, puppet, and Cosplay, that influence obtaining power.

    "Monstrum" is the etymology of "monster". This word is translated as “The bizarre events and creatures are the warning from Gods”.

    Asano visualizes the sense of the “warning” through the form of mask, helmet, Fujin and Raijin*, or Hina Ningyo* in this exhibition.

    *Fujin amd Raijin are the fearsome Japanese gods of weather.

    *Hina Ningyo is a traditional Girl’s day dolls.

    In 2013 Yorishiro project at Kyoto Kamigamo shrine, Selected BIWAKO BIENNALE in 2014, 8th Enku grand Award at the youngest age in history organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu.

    Artist Statement

    There are war and sex in the History of progress of humankind. Fights, expanding territory, and prosperity of descendants.

    New technology made by war benefits onto humankind’s life. However we possess nuclear weapon on the earth, which is capable to kill all mankind dozens of times while we are clearly over populated. We have been prospered by war and sex, however there is potential to become extinct by the same reason. The sense of life, death and sex are important elements of this exhibition.