2020.03.13 ( fri ) -2020.04.18 ( sat )

    ARTIST Hoshiki Ara

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO proudly presents, Hoshiki Ara’s solo exhibition, “Model.”

    Hoshiki Ara explores new areas of painting expression.
    At first sight, his work appears to be a digital collage; on close inspection, however, you can see the fine brushstrokes of oil painting. Ara forms images by merging meticulously drawn human figures with patterns and abstract shapes reminiscent of graffiti expression.
    We hope that you will take this opportunity to see the work of Hoshiki Ara, who creates innovative imagery by filtering and reconstructing various elements that stimulate your memory and imagination.

    1995 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
    2019 Musashino Art University Department of Painting (M.A.), Selected for Shell Art Award 2019

    [Meet the artist]

    【Notice of gallery closure on March 28.】
    We are afraid that our gallery will be closed on March 28 to prevent coronavirus risk.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your kind understanding.

    more than painting, less than painting, or anything else

    2020.02.08 ( sat ) -2020.03.07 ( sat )

    ARTIST Daigoro Yonekura

    Shantell Martin solo exhibition

    2020.01.10 ( fri ) -2020.01.25 ( sat )

    ARTIST Shantell Martin

    hpgrp GALLERY is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition by Shantell Martin.
    British visual artist Shantell Martin is best known for her large-scale, black-and-white drawings. She performs many of her drawings for a live audience.
    Martin was admitted to Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. She graduated with honors in 2003.
    After graduation, she lived in Japan where she first experimented with live performance as a visual jockey.
    Martin currently lives and works in New York. Along with exhibitions and commission for museums and galleries, Martin frequently works on international commercial projects, both private and public.
    In 2019, Martin completed a commission art project in the lobby of the New York City Ballet as part of their annual Art Series.
    Please take this opportunity to see Shantell Martin's exhibition, which is still rarely seen in Japan.


    [Artist’s Comment]

    “The question I asked myself, WHO ARE YOU?, was always there.
    I guess I was 13 or 14 when I first wrote it and put it on the door of my room.

    I did the same when I moved to New York in 2010.
    I didn't have the same career as when I was living in Japan, and I don't have many friends and fans,
    so I felt completely lost and I had to find my way again.

    If you write "Who are you," the first three letters will be W-A-Y.
    So, in essence, life is about trying to find your own WAY.
    The question "Who are you" eventually turned into "You are you".
    It is one of the landing point.
    When you arrive at that point, "You are you" changes to "Are you you?"
    Because when you understand who you are, you have to start it over in a completely different way.

    When you ask the first question, which can be paraphrased as
    "Who are you?" or "How are you finding your way?”, in a new and unique way, we are asking ourselves.”