Protect Life - Welcome to Earth Recent oil Paintings and 200 Personal Objects

    2016.09.23 ( fri ) -2016.10.01 ( sat )

    ARTIST Sanae Takahata

    H.P. FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI is pleased to announce “Protect Life - Welcome to Earth” an exhibition of new paintings and new personal objects by Sanae Takahata.
    Moving from Japan to Paris at the age of 18 and later moving to New York and now Tokyo, Sanae Takahata has continuously exhibited her work internationally since the contemporary art scene of the 80’s to now. She uses a variety of medium and art forms such as oil paintings and life-size sculptures to create artwork that focuses on intimate life issues.
    In this exhibition, she will show new oil paintings from her on going series “Protect Life.”
    The mass media bombards us with terrible news. Fear and crisis are daily staples. The dark shadow of the convenient life hides the violence direct at life and nature. Takahata’s new paintings confront these issues while offering hope for new life.
    Also on display will be 200 personal objects called “Pieces of Earth.” Made from bits and pieces of antique jewelry, beads, etc. collected in Eastern Europe that she combines with images of her paintings, these one of a kind personal objects can be displayed as artwork or worn as fashion accessories.

    History in paper -Rupert J. Smith-

    2016.08.13 ( sat ) -2016.09.22 ( thu )

    ARTIST Rupert J. Smith

    o o k k

    2016.07.01 ( fri ) -2016.08.12 ( fri )

    ARTIST Kosuke Yamawaki

    Prologue: 2016.7.1( Fri ) - 7.8.( Fri)
    Main Exhibition: 2016.7.9.( Sat ) - 8.12( Fri)
    Reception: 2016.7.9.(Sat) 19:00~21:00

    There is something if you soar in the sky

    2016.06.01 ( wed ) -2016.06.30 ( thu )

    ARTIST Michael Hitoshi

    2016.03.28 ( mon ) -2016.04.27 ( wed )

    ARTIST Ayune Shojima

    History on paper

    2016.02.29 ( mon ) -2016.03.16 ( wed )

    ARTIST Andy Warhol