Tomorrow, So Bright

    2015.07.31 ( fri ) -2015.09.19 ( sat )

    ARTIST Ayune Shojima

    H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI is pleased to present the show [Tomorrow, So Bright]
    by Ayune Shojima.
    Shojima went to London for studying painting after dropping at Art university in Tokyo.
    She encountered the old craft works in Europe , and felt that [Mundane objects are way more
    impressive], therefore she started to use landscapes and animals from surroundings as her motif of
    The use of bright colours and unconstrained lines expressed the pure curiousity of life forms, and
    her outlooh towards the oblivious
    richness of daily life.

    Einstein Romance

    2015.06.19 ( fri ) -2015.07.30 ( thu )

    ARTIST Yukinori TOKORO

    H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI is pleased to announce Yukinori Tokoro's exhibition "Einstein Romance".
    Yukinori Tokoro captures the landscape from a window of the running high-speed train.
    The speed transform the shape of landscape and engender fragility to the image.
    "Einstein is my super star since childhood. This is homage to the Einstein's special theory of relativity.
    I know it is impossible to take photos during moving at the speed of light while I live. So, taking photos
    from running high-speed train, is my little challenge and a modest attempt.”


    A plot forming a flower

    2015.05.08 ( fri ) -2015.06.18 ( thu )

    ARTIST Sayaka Miyata

    H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI is pleased to present Sayaka Miyata’s exhibition “A plot forming a flower”.

    Miyata shows her works using embroidery techniques, which is familiar to her since childhood.
    She developed “bugs” by herself and configuring it to an electric sewing machine for deforming even stitching. This process transforms various motifs into art piece.

    “WARP”- coming up from analog resistance “deforming”, and “Knots”- being composed by only many knots without support materials, remind decent time consuming during sewing even though these should be error. A flower is a universal motif in an art context. It attracts by the succession of sprout from seeds, blooming, eventually decaying. Through the “WARP x Knots”, dissection and reconstruc- tion the flower gather attention to the plot forming the flower. By doing that, we wonder if an essen- tial life of flower could be represented with the thread.

    Breaking an image, connoting new duration in it, Miyata spins a yarn as her works.

    Teppei Ikehila Solo exhibition

    2015.04.01 ( wed ) -2015.05.07 ( thu )

    ARTIST Teppei Ikehila


    2015.02.16 ( mon ) -2015.03.18 ( wed )

    ARTIST Tomohide Ikeya, Kikuna Mishima


    2015.01.06 ( tue ) -2015.02.15 ( sun )

    ARTIST Christophe Coppens

    Coppens held a solo exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen(Rotterdam) in 2013. In the next exhibi- tion" Landscape2” ,He represent a new life by using a form reminiscent of a sexual stimulation and excitement continues. Last Spring Christophe showed his “Early Paintings” for the first time in NY.Now they are coming to Tokyo. in this exhibition, He represent the subject "heal the wounds,and build a new myself from the cells one

    by one .”
    Coppens has always had fear to painting from a great respect for the old painter. He wiped away the fear in

    that he start to " sew " the canvas.It becomes relief and healing , the act sewing that he says " ritual " himself , will lead Coppens to a more free expression. We are going to change the works three times in this exhibition. We would appreciate your coming and seeing Coppenss new works that he says are the salvation.