Solo Exhibition

    2012.10.11 ( thu ) -2012.10.30 ( tue )

    ARTIST Kanako Ohya

    Late comer

    2012.09.20 ( thu ) -2012.10.08 ( mon )

    ARTIST Tamaki Shindo


    2012.08.30 ( thu ) -2012.09.17 ( mon )

    ARTIST Kazuhiro Ito

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by the sculptor Kazuhiro Ito who purchases infinite possibility of bronze.
    Each series plays specific role in his concept. Dark stained “Dear Blind Phantom” series is modern human beings, well polished “Liquid Golden Baby” series is futuristic new life, and shiny white bronze “Starman Loves You” series is the unknown existence alien.
    Ito’s work is characterized by its solidity and strong presence exuded by the organic forms in bronze that will last semi-permanently.


    Yoshiro Takeuchi Exhibition

    2012.08.01 ( wed ) -2012.08.26 ( sun )

    ARTIST Yoshiro Takeuchi

  • An image

    2012.07.12 ( thu ) -2012.07.29 ( sun )

    ARTIST Miki Kubota

    An image

    2012.07.12 ( thu ) -2012.07.29 ( sun )

    ARTIST 窪田美樹

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYOから「実在と虚構」を暗示する作品を中心に発表して来た窪田美樹の新作展をご案内申し上げます。


    2012.06.21 ( thu ) -2012.07.08 ( sun )

    ARTIST Daisuke Nagaoka

    Eternally unrequited love... probably

    2012.05.31 ( thu ) -2012.06.17 ( sun )

    ARTIST D[diː] 

    Artist comment : D[diː]

    Eternally Unrequited Love....Probably In my previous exhibition, Nai mono nedari in my FORESTED room held at Marunouchi Window Gallery in last October, I attempted to represent the idea of seeking things that I can never reach, based on the concept that the creation has similarities to " Nai mono nedari ", literally translated as "wishing for what one cannot have". The things that I really strive to get close to are nature-related, typified by entities such as forest and plants, or animals - which I have selected as subjects for my paintings because I terribly love them. But there is also an antagonistic response arising due to allergic reactions, for example. The frustrating feelings arising from the fact that even though I love them I can not reach them, prompted me to think " Nai mono nedari ". For the exhibition mentioned above, I depicted these feelings by building different nature-related sequential motifs using "flower" as a basic unit. For the present exhibition, I would like to extend the concept, Nai mono nedari. As a matter of fact, an allergic reaction I suffer from is getting severely worse. In the past, I only suffered an allergic reaction when in direct contact with allergens, like the moment when I was in a forest or approaching animals, which caused symptoms such as fever and coughing. Now, it happens even when living a normal life in the city and not getting closer to any of these things. Life is hard - it's like I have these allergies that could be called "allergy to existence". My face gets swelled up if I dye my hair blond, which I want, and my nose becomes itchy even in the vicinity of cut flowers and plant pots. The more I want to touch it, the heavier the refusal response becomes by making the counterbalance between the two vectors, my appeal and the rejection reaction, stronger. And, the thought of the unachieved gets bloated inside myself. Anyway, my creative urge is -so far- " Nai mono nedari " and this is a crystal consisting of eternally unrequited love.

  • Aurora vs Portrait

    2012.04.25 ( wed ) -2012.05.15 ( tue )

    ARTIST Makiko Tanaka


    2012.03.23 ( fri ) -2012.04.15 ( sun )

    ARTIST Etsuko Taniguchi


    2012.02.24 ( fri ) -2012.03.18 ( sun )


    It is only the view after the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake occurred that TAKA, a photographer, sees. Having stood in the landscape where
    the elements of life were stripped by the unimaginable destructive powers of the earthquake and tsunami, TAKA has photographed the definite but
    unreal reality that is the color-bare environment that surrounds the region. In this cruelly destroyed coast, the color white seems inexistent as if the area
    were neglecting all that which is divine and graceful. This is the eye of a young Japanese photographer and is the reproduction passed through the
    filter of his emotion.

    This exhibiton is SILENT AUCTION. Anyone can bid on the exhibited works. The part of the art work/book sales will donate help reconstruction in the
    disaster area. Destination and amount of donation will be reported later on our website.

    The Scene

    2012.02.02 ( thu ) -2012.02.19 ( sun )

    ARTIST Yoi Kawakubo ・ Joji Shimamoto ・ Michael Stanley ・ Rich ・ TAKA

    hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo pleased to announce the Group Exhibition of 5 Photographers for a start of 2012.

    This exhibition focuses on "the power of a photograph" of 5 different photographers with different themes and different shooting procedure.

    Those 5 photographic artists are Yoi Kawakubo is critically-acclaimed with her high-quallity finished photographies with edginess, Joji Shimamoto captures vibrant images of the streets, Michael Stanley pictures a moment of the world like a documentary and represents the theme of art in the photograph, Rich creates a scenic picture from a dream-inspiring fairly tale, and TAKA expresses his alternative vitality in his creation interconnecting noise and sensitivity. Recent years, photographies grab one's eyes and emotions, so please come visit our hpgrp GALLERY Tokyo to start your at scene for 2012 in this spring.