suprematism on bronze

    2019.12.06 ( fri ) -2019.12.27 ( fri )

    ARTIST Shin Guehang, Kazuhiro Ito, Hirotake Kurokawa

    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO presents an extraordinary joint exhibition, “Suprematism” in Bronze” by Shin Guehang, Kazuhiro Ito, and Hirotake Kurokawa.

    The opening reception will be held on December 6th (Fri) from 19”00. Please take this opportunity to come and meet the artists.

    As the title of the exhibition indicates, the three sculptors passionately believe that there is no medium superior to bronze. Since they confine their expression to sculpture, one might say they seek the “Superlative in Bronze Sculpture”.

    A longing for eternity
    found only in the impermanence of all things
    Existing in the imagination alone,
    or perhaps, in an unimaginable far beyond
    Not a representation, but a question:
    What is existence (in weight and mass)?
    So, opens this exhibition of sculptures filled with a determination called art.

    -hpgrp GALLERY
    Kentaro Totsuka


    2019.11.09 ( sat ) -2019.11.30 ( sat )


    Story in Story

    2019.10.05 ( sat ) -2019.11.02 ( sat )

    ARTIST Keeenue

    2019.09.13 ( fri ) -2019.09.28 ( sat )

    ARTIST Kazunari Suzuki


    2019.08.09 ( fri ) -2019.09.07 ( sat )


    hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO presents an extraordinary exhibition by the internationally acclaimed artist RYOONO, known for his organic and dynamic artwork.

    RYOONO's collaborations with fashion, food, and corporate companies have developed a style recognized around the globe, and his diverse expression ranges from product and package design to spatial presentation.

    Presenting solo for the first time in five years, RYOONO’s unique perspective is expressed through pencil drawings that are reworked with digital collage and rendered with refined graphical contrast, giving the artwork a contemporary nuance.

    Please take this opportunity to check out RYOONO's latest work.


    2019 ~ Californian eyewear brand "SABER" / Package design

    Pachinko & Slot DAIKI Renewal open / Graphic design

    2018   NIXON _ CUSTOM BAR / Graphic design

    SAUCONY x RYOONO worldwide release collaboration sneaker “FREEDOM ISO”

    Professional e-sports team "CRAZY RACCOON" / Art direction and logo design

    2017 ~ Japanese winery “GRAPE REPUBLIC” / Art direction, logo & label design

    2016  NIKE JAPAN “NIKE AIR MAX CON” / Graphic design

    2014 ~ Tokyu Department Store’s new shopping bag / Art direction & illustration

    AZUL by mousy Fragrance “in the spotlight” / Package design

    2012~2014 SABRE x Back Channel x RYOONO Collaboration sunglasses

    2011  LUMINE Ikebukuro / Wrapping graphic

    2010  NIKE OSAKA / Window display

    2009  SUNTORY MEXICO Japanese Restaurant “Shu” / Wall art


    Omotesando Hills x rooms x RYOONO / Graphic design

    2008  McDonald's Japan “McFLURRY” / Package design

    Solo Art Show at OAKLEY Harajuku

    2007 ~ JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN / Logo & textile design etc.


    “LARK ARTIST PACKAGE” / Package design

    2005  BOMBAY SAPPHIRE / Visual creation

    2002  asics / Magazine advertisement

    Back Channel / Graphic design

    2002~2004 TOMMY HILFIGER / In shop wall art




    Writing is Painting

    2019.06.28 ( fri ) -2019.08.03 ( sat )

    ARTIST Ricardo Gonzalez

    Piled up messages

    2019.05.24 ( fri ) -2019.06.22 ( sat )

    ARTIST Hideto Yagi

    2019.04.13 ( sat ) -2019.05.18 ( sat )

    ARTIST Mariko Sajiki, Mie Takahashi

    History on paper -Alex Katz-

    2019.02.22 ( fri ) -2019.03.30 ( sat )

    ARTIST Alex Katz


    2019.01.11 ( fri ) -2019.02.16 ( sat )

    ARTIST Kazuma Shirota